Privacy Policy

Information we collect collects two types of information. The first one is voluntarily provided by you (filling in the forms), the second type of information is automatically collected using statistical tools like Google Analytics. Information is only used to better understand demographics of users to provide them with better experience e.g. detect country and provide localized version of website or improve data security.

Information disclosure to third parties

None of your personal information we store is or will be disclosed to any third parties without your explicit agreement unless disclosure is required by law. Some basic statistics may be published about trynewjob users, but none of the personal details will be disclosed. Examples of such disclosures can be: number of users, number of users using facebook login etc.

Social Network Signup and Data Import

Social network sign up functionality is implemented using

OAuth standard. That means none of your social network credentials are provided to In case of a very unlikely event of data fraud from, your social network accounts will NOT be compromised. Please consult OAuth wikipedia page for more information about this standard.

Data security follows best data security practices to ensure security. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, appropriate physical, electronic and other security procedures are applied. does not sell your information to third parties and follows best security practices.


If you have any queries regarding your data security, please contact by submitting the contact form.